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Doujin works are growing in popularity every day. Every day, many wonderful doujin works are being published at sites like pixiv. They spend a very wide spectrum of format from fan-fictions to illustration artworks. Its sub-categories are numerous, some of them are cosplay, manga, artwork, gakuman or chuusen. We really love the Fate series, so we would like to share some of our favorite Fate Doujin Illustration Books.

Fate Grand Order C96 Chaldea Fashion Lingerie 2019 Summer Comiket Doujin Illustration Fan Book by Mashu Vol.3


Starting off with a Summer Fashion Lingerie doujin by Mashu. Of course, this doujin was presented at Comiket, together with numerous great doujins. It features multiple Fate/Grand Order characters such as Mash, Nero, Mordred and so on. If every Fate/Grand Order character had a summer skin in-game, this is how they’d look like.

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FGO Fan Art by Kousaki C96 - Character Illustration Book Collection Vol.3


This doujin’s cover design is simply stunning. Jeanne d’Arc Alter form is amazing in itself, but it’s still surprising how powerful the design looks when done right. It’s mostly filled with great servants in different poses and clothing with extreme art quality. I prefer the Alter ones because they look mesmerizing. Recommended!

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Fate Grand Order Sakura Blossom C96 - Character Illustration Fan Book by HAONI


Oooh this one is spicy! A great Doujin Illustration Book from HAONI with incredible art style that looks just smooth, just like the doujin cover. One great reason to have this Doujin is simply that BB is in it, what else do we need?

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Fate Grand Order C96 Chaldea Lingerie 2019 Summer Comiket Doujin Illustration Fan Book by Mashu


Another doujin by Mashu. You can see that her art is quite something and deserves some recognition. It’s filled with 32 pages of some great waifu material to fill everyone’s heart.

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Fate Grand Order Summer Wars C96 - Character Illustration Fan Book


Starting off with a summer-themed illustration book. It features numerous Fate characters that are lavishly illustrated by some over-the-top popular illustrators. Fate characters on their own are great to look at because of how gorgeous they look. When a dash of summer is added to the mix, we get something absolutely astonishing. Style and colors are of top-notch quality as well.

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Fate/Party Night Only for You Doujin Character Illustration Book Vol.2


Fate Grand Order Doujin Illustration Book Only For You Volume 2


This event exclusive Doujin artwork collection is especially well made. It features numerous great servants from the Fate series, not sparing any servant class. Quality of the fan art inside is the same, if not better than the artwork on the cover of the illustration book. Characters featured in this doujin illustration book will leave you breathless with their strong colors and cheerful ambient.

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Fate Grand Order Free Day/Star Night - Character Illustration Book


Fate Grand Order Free Day/Star Night Doujin Illustration Book


Popular illustrators are popular for a reason. This collection of fan-made artworks is quite specific because it’s a collection of artworks with mostly monochrome colors. It’s astonishing how a single color with different shades can create artwork like this.

These artworks are created by well-known “club 3” illustrators.

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Fate Grand Order Formal Party Night Doujin Illustration Book


Fate Grand Order Formal Party Night Doujin Illustration Book


This is a brand-new event exclusive illustration book of your favorite anime characters from Fate/Grand Order. The art book is lavishly illustrated with a lot of stuffing and detailed images from Fate. It’s safe to say that whoever picks these artworks up, won’t put the book down for a while.

These artworks are created by popular Pixiv illustrators.

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Fate Grand Order Doujin Party Night Stand by Me Character Illustration Book Vol.3


Fate Grand Order Stand by Me Doujin Illustration Book Volume 3


This illustration book is one of the best possible gifts for a boyfriend or a girlfriend. The cover itself is very romantic.

The colors are radiant, and the saturation is lower. Because of that, this doujin artwork gives off a heavenly vibe. It feels like a romantic honey moon of a newly married couple. It’s really interesting to see Fate Doujin with such a lighthearted vibe.

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Fate Grand Order Adeyaka (Glamorous)" by Onigiriya - Doujin Illustration Book


Fate Grand Order Adeyaka by Onigiriya Doujin Illustration Book


This Doujin book shows a different side of the Fate characters, showing them at their intimate moments. Colors are vibrant and every artwork radiates with energy, it is clear that the artists gave it their all to make those fan arts as great as possible.

If you were looking for a summer Doujin works of Fate, this is the illustration book for you.

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