5 Azur Lane Event Limited Plush by GIFT

Posted by Dennis Mrdalj on Sep 9, 2019 8:47:54 AM

Azur Lane is a battleship-management game for smartphones, and while rather similar to Kantai Collection, it has enough uniqueness to stand on its own. Unfortunately, Azur Lane has not been fully accepted by some patriotic Japanese players, but that hasn’t seemed to put a dent in its popularity.

Comiket 96 has proven to be an amazing event for Azur Lane. There were so many unique items at the show, and in particular, the plushies by GIFT are some of our favorites from this event. GIFT is no stranger to having exclusives, whether it’s on their webshop or in several events in Japan. We have brought back 5 of our favorite ones from the event and we hope you like them as much as we do.


Azur Lane Akagi GIFT Event Exclusive Character Plush Toy Doll


Starting off with GIFT Akagi plush! Her design looks adorable, which is great because she is always presented as a “Phoenix” of some sort, possibly referring to her historical ending where her deck is burning before she sank/was scuttled with a torpedo. The colors are great quality, especially a red one, it’s what defines Akagi, after all. Akagi obtains her crimson red color from her name, which means "red castle" or quite literally "crimson," among others. Get Akagi here!


Azur Lane Ayanami GIFT Event Exclusive Character Plush Toy Doll


Next up is Ayanami GIFT plush. GIFT is a really good manufacturer as their products are always very detailed. This plush is no different, Ayanami’s black anchor on a yellow cloth, a bracelet on the left arm and even her boots design looks like the real ones from the game. Her facial expression is really cute and puts a smile on anyone’s face.


Get Ayanami here!


Azur Lane Kaga GIFT Event Exclusive Character Plush Toy Doll


Kaga is one of the most loveable characters of Azur Lane, and she is probably one of the many characters who propelled Azur Lane to popularity. Knowing that, it must be very hard to make a good Kaga plush and keep everyone happy. But of course, GIFT had pulled it off and now we’re GIFTed (pun intended) with an immensely cute nine-tailed fox plush. A big thanks to GIFT!

Get Kaga here!


Azur Lane Takao GIFT Event Exclusive Character Plush Toy Doll


Takao, “The Strongest” is an antagonist in the game, her serious and strict attitude, together with a militaristic approach to everything is really what we like about her. GIFT captured her serious personality perfectly through this adorable plush. The clothing and colors are great, as usual.

Get Takao here!


Azur Lane Atago GIFT Event Exclusive Character Plush



Takao’s sister, Atago is more of a housewife type of a ship. She’s extremely cute and her personality is something numerous players love about her. The tone of speaking to commander is heart-melting and makes you want to go for that Love Affinity and/or Pledge. GIFT captured that with her facial expression, it’s more light-hearted and optimistic than her sister’s.

Get Atago here!

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